Member Spotlight - R is for Robo

Tell us about your company and/or your products.

My name is Robyn Kozlowski and I am the owner of R is for Robo. I am a stationery brand made up of greeting cards, stickers, keychains, and ornaments. My brand is colorful, funny, snarky, and charmingly inappropriate. I draw inspiration from pop culture, current events, and anything else weird that pops into my head. I started my retail business in 2020, began wholesale in 2021 and left my job shortly after to follow my dream of being a small business owner. R is for Robo can be found in nearly 100 stores nationwide. 

What’s your role at your company?

Anything and everything! I am the Owner, Marketing Manager, Social Media Manager, Office Manager, Designer, Customer Service, and Product Packager, just to name a few! 

Why did you become a GCA member and tell us about your GCA experience so far. 

This year I was hired by a fellow greeting card maker to help work her booth at the January America’s Mart Gift Show. She invited me to come to the GCA meet up after the show. I met some wonderful people and learned about the opportunity to do the Noted Village. Joining was a no brainer. I have only been a part of the GCA for a few months but have already learned so much and met even more wonderful people. I love the bi-monthly town hall meetings and have connected with other GCA members who live near me. Even after I graduate from the Noted Village to doing my own booth, I will continue to be a GCA member.  

What inspired you to get involved in the greeting card industry?

It’s a funny story… After obsessively planning my wedding for nearly 2 years, I got married in the summer of 2019. I needed a new creative outlet and decided to start an Etsy shop. I unsuccessfully tried some different niches from printable bridal shower games to digital wallpaper. These items were all a bust. Fast forward to pre-pandemic 2020. I was an office manager at the time, and I was cleaning out the supply room when I came across a box of printable blank note cards. I was about to donate them but decided to keep them and test them out on Etsy. I began to see success when I created humorous covid related greeting cards. I had found my calling!  

What's something about you (a fun fact) that not many people know?

I used to be a backup dancer for Katy Perry. No, just kidding… can you imagine!? 

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

I will be exhibiting in my first trade show this January! I live in Atlanta, so doing the Noted Village at America’s Mart seemed like a great way to begin my trade show journey!

Robyn Kozlowski
R is for Robo